How to Sell a Tulsa Home with Electrical Problems

How to Sell a Tulsa Home with Electrical Problems

The electrical problems houses in Tulsa face may make it hard to sell a house if you don’t know the best ways to do so. If you’re planning on letting go of your Tulsa home that’s over 30 years old, chances are it has certain electrical problems that may turn off potential homebuyers.

Just as you would clean up your interior to make it presentable during an open house, you’ll need to assure your potential buyers that your house is safe from any hazard. Electrical hazards, in particular, are among the leading causes of fires. Thus, you’ll need to make sure your electrical wiring systems are updated.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your home is electrically equipped to support the modern demands homebuyers may have when it comes to electricity. With more gadgets available now than the time your Tulsa home was originally built, you can expect homebuyers to want an adequate number of outlets in every room.

To understand the extent of the electrical upgrades you need for your Tulsa home, you may need an electrical home inspection. From that inspection, you’ll need to conduct the necessary electrical upgrades to make your home attractive enough for potential buyers. Here is an overview of these steps to sell a home with electrical problems.

Get an Electrical Home Inspection

If your Tulsa home is over 40 years old or has undergone major renovations in the past 10 years, getting an electrical home inspection is a must. An electrical home inspection is a complete examination that licensed electricians conduct to determine how operational your electrical systems are.

Depending on your Tulsa home’s size, electrical contractors may charge up to $200 for their basic services. These professionals usually inspect your home’s electrical panel and wiring to see whether they pose any immediate risk. If they find any complex problems, their fees may average up to $10,000.

Conduct Necessary Electrical Upgrades

Based on the professional electrician’s assessment, you may have to upgrade your Tulsa home’s existing electrical system to make it attractive enough for potential homebuyers. If your Tulsa home is an old model, meaning it has been around for at least 40 years, upgrades are non-negotiable.

Some necessary upgrades include additional outlets. Modern homes usually have more than one outlet per room to accommodate the inevitable technological advancements. You may also have to install three-pronged outlets instead of the standard two-pronged ones. Three-pronged outlets are also a good indicator that your house is electrically safer, which potentially secures a buyer.

Request a Cash Offer Online

Conducting necessary electrical upgrades based on an electrician’s advice after inspecting your home is a costly solution just to sell a Tulsa home. If you’re after quick cash and are eager to get rid of your Tulsa property, an online cash offer could be your best option.

We are cash home buyers in Tulsa, meaning we can take your home off your hands, regardless of its electrical problems. We buy homes as-is, so you don’t have to spend a penny on electrical upgrades to sell your home.

You don’t have to second guess whether your Tulsa home’s current condition will turn us off. We offer fair prices based on your home’s current condition. All you need to do is request a quote from our website, and we’ll promptly inspect your Tulsa home for an honest cash offer.

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