Tips to Sell a Tenant-Occupied Home in Tulsa

Tips to Sell a Tenant-Occupied Home in Tulsa

Are you done living the landlord lifestyle? Ready to sell your Tulsa area home, condo, or property with tenants? If you’re a landlord looking to sell a property with existing tenants, you’ve probably realized by now this adds a bit of complexity to the process. Blue Firefly Properties is here to help make this process as quick, easy, and stress free as possible.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when selling a tenant-occupied property is all the different things to consider. Here are five tips to help you sell your tenant-occupied home in Tulsa.

Tip #1 – Know Tulsa and Oklahoma Rental Laws

As a Tulsa landlord, it’s very important that you are up-to-date with the local eviction laws and tenancy laws. Tenants have rights and will receive legal favor if you don’t fulfill your lease agreement or don’t know about the local laws.

Work with a real estate professional at Blue Firefly Properties to ensure you fully understand all tenancy laws before selling your house. Not only can we help guide you through the process of selling your tenant-occupied Tulsa house, we may be able to buy your house in just a few days.

Tip #2 – Communicate with Your Tenants

Don’t forget that your property is their home and communication is key. You’ll want to ensure your tenant is cooperative and fully understands your plans to sell the home. Their daily life will likely be impacted by showings, phone calls, cleaning, and much more. So try to make this as easy for them as possible. You may be surprised! Some tenants will be helpful if you’re kind to them.

You can also offer your tenant incentives if they’re cooperative and/or helpful with selling the home. Some common incentives include:

  • Rent reduction during the home sale process
  • Pay for cleaning
  • Pay all, or some, of their moving costs
  • Help them find a new place to live
  • Ask your tenants if their interested in buying the home

Tip #3 – Wait for the Lease Agreement to Expire

If you’re tired of being a landlord in Tulsa, you probably want to sell your house as quickly as possible. But it may be in your best interest to be patient and wait a month or two.

If the lease agreement is going to expire soon, then it may be in your best interest to wait until the property is vacant. If your tenants only have a month or two left on the lease, you may want to wait until the tenant’s lease expires to sell the property. Just be sure to verify tenancy rights in Tulsa and Oklahoma to make sure doing things correctly. Some areas require that you give the tenant at least 60 days notice prior to vacating the property.

Tip #4 – Don’t Renew the Lease Agreement

Earning your monthly rental payments may seem like an attractive idea at first, but it’s just short term satisfaction and not worth the effort. Especially if your goal is to sell the house quickly. Depending on how you decide to sell your Tulsa house, it can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. We know that empty houses don’t sell as easily, but having an unoccupied home can really make the selling process a lot easier on you. Give your tenants notice that you will not be renewing their lease and just let it expire.

Tip #5 – Sell Your Tulsa House to Blue Firefly Properties

Selling your Tulsa home to Blue Firefly Properties is the quickest and easiest way to sell your tenant-occupied property. From requesting your offer to closing at a local title company, we can pay cash for your home in as quick as 7-14 days.

Benefits of Selling a Tenant-Occupied House to Blue Firefly Properties

  • We don’t care that the property is occupied
  • No need to remove tenants or wait for the lease agreement to expire
  • No public showings
  • No cleaning or repairs required
  • Choose your own closing date

Sell a Tenant-Occupied Home in Tulsa Quickly

Sell your Tulsa in just a few days with Blue Firefly Properties. We are real estate professionals focused on buying homes in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. Our goal is to make the process of selling your tenant-occupied home as quick, easy, and stress free as possible.

Get started today! The cash offer is free and only takes two minutes. You can request a cash offer online or contact us, whichever is easiest for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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