6 Tips to Prepare for an Estate Sale in Tulsa

6 Tips to Prepare for an Estate Sale in Tulsa

An estate sale can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash, especially if you’ve got several unwanted items to get rid of. However, they can also be difficult and complicated to operate if you don’t understand how to do them right.

Here are six practical tips to consider if you plan on having an estate sale in Tulsa soon.

1. Research Items Ahead of Time

No one wants to list an item for sale at a low price only to find out later on that it’s actually worth more money. That’s why before deciding on an estate sale, it’s important to go through your items and research their value.

You can use the advanced search feature on eBay as a start to filter through items that have already been sold and for what price. By sorting the highest-priced items first, you can get an idea of what things are highly valued and what are not.

2. Set up a Decent Space for Purchases

You want to prepare an ideal amount of space close to the entrance of your home so that potential shoppers have enough room to view your items. You also want to have enough space for transactions.

Consider keeping the smaller, more valuable items closer to the front table to avoid theft.

3. Mark Prices Clearly

During estate sales, bargaining is a major factor that typically comes into play. However, you still want to ensure that your customers can easily make decisions on your items.

Failing to mark the pricing on items clearly can force people to ask you about the price consistently. This can lead to some simply giving up and walking away due to the inconvenience it brings.

4. Invest in a Cash Box

If you fail to possess smaller bills to provide change, you may lose out on sales. Many people head to estate sales prepared to buy items, so you can expect hundred-dollar bills to be given out frequently.

That’s why you should invest in a proper cash box so that you can keep all of the change and money from the sales organized.

5. Prepare for Large Crowds

Many shoppers head on over to estate sales early in the morning to get the best picks. If you’re still setting up and people start coming in, this can easily lead to a loss of sales or even theft.

Estate sales can start as early as six in the morning, so it’s good practice to get everything ready the night before.

6. Keep Children Away

Estate sales can already be chaotic without adding any of your kids to the confusion. 

If there are children running around, making noise, and playing with your items, potential buyers could easily get frustrated and decide to leave.

The Bottom Line

An estate sale is one of the best ways for you to declutter your home and earn some extra money on the side. However, it’s so important to know how to prepare for one in order to succeed.

If all else fails and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you could consider hiring a Tulsa professional to help you set up and run everything. 

By following the tips provided above, you can ensure that your estate sale will go as smoothly as possible.

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