Family living in your Tulsa house but not paying the bills?

Family living in your Tulsa house but not paying the bills?

Family living in your Tulsa property but not helping to pay the bills? 

It’s crazy…

…you try to do something generous, something kind, something selfless, and your family doesn’t even OFFER to help with bills (or they do… but they don’t follow through). 

It’s frustrating…

At Blue Firefly Properties, we’ve worked with TONS of people in exactly your situation. Here’s the advice we usually give. 

Create a Contractual Agreement — Business and family rarely mix. And when you’re the one paying mortgage on a house that other family members are living in, that can create bitterness and frustration. Creating a contract can help to clarify expectations. You could put clauses that require family members to do certain things if they want to keep living there (keep it clean, pay for damages, do yard work, etc).

Have an Intervention — If things have gotten really bad, it might be time to have a sit-down with your family. Be honest; tell them that you simply can’t afford to keep paying the mortgage on your own when they’re living in the house. An honest discussion can go a long way with reasonable people. 

Offer a Grace Period — If you absolutely need your family to start chipping in, but you don’t want to be mean about it, offer them a grace period. Tell them that they have 2 more months to free-load, but then they have to start chipping in a certain percentage of monthly payments or they have to find somewhere else to live. 

Sell The Home — Sometimes, the best course of action, if things have gone on for a long time, is to sell the property. And rather than dealing with all the hassle of finding an agent, repairing and cleaning the home, and then listing on the MLS, you can sell to a professional home buyer like ourselves. We buy houses in Tulsa and we can close within just 2 weeks and we’ll pay cash for your property. Give us a call at (918) 727-7156 if you’re interested!

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