5 Tips to Sell a Vacant House Fast in Tulsa

5 Tips to Sell a Vacant House Fast in Tulsa

Most home buyers in Tulsa can’t visualize the future potential in your home, which makes selling a vacant home difficult. On average, a vacant home will sell for around $10,000 less and sit on the market a week or two than the average sale. However, some sellers can’t stay in their properties while they market it — a job relocation or new home purchase draws them away or they inherit a home from out of state.

That’s where the advice of a local cash home buyers like Blue Firefly Properties comes in handy. With our expert advice and additional research on vacant home sales in Blue Firefly Properties, we’ve created a top five list of tips to make selling your vacant home easier.

1). Give Your Curb Appeal Some Extra Love

With an empty or unstaged home, the first impression of curb appeal matters even more than usual. Most agents or realtors agree that curb appeal will add to your home’s bottom line. Here’s how to maintain curb appeal, even if you’re not onsite every day:

  • Hire regular yard care
  • Trim the back hedges
  • Paint the front door
  • Lay down mulch

2). Work With a Local Cash Home Buyers

An expert cash home buyer can be the light at a very long tunnel for a lot of vacant home owners in Tulsa. We make the process of selling your vacant home for cash, as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. Call us today at (918) 727-7156 to get the process started.

3). Stage Your Home

Most home owners will focus on staging the public areas of a home, but we recommend going beyond that. Aside from the public spaces, we also recommend the following:

  • Pretty up the master bedroom and bathroom
  • Pay attention to the additional common rooms, like an office, media room, or home gym
  • Don’t forget about the other bedrooms and outdoor spaces

4). Remove Any Junk or Miscellaneous Items to Avoid the Look of Vacancy

Leaving small items behind, like old lamps or empty frames on the walls, can make the interior design of your home look unintentional. If you choose not to stage your home, just make sure these items are removed before listing it. Or… you can leave everything behind and sell to a local cash home buyer who will buy your home as-is.

5). Know the Local Market in Tulsa

In a competitive seller’s market, like we have today, homes fly off the open market in a matter of days. Motivated buyers don’t have the luxury to pass up an opportunity whether a house is vacant or occupied. That could mean that you don’t need a full staging — or any staging, for that matter! — to sell. Armed with a comparative market analysis to set an accurate price, work with your agent or cash buyer to determine how much work you need to put into your home’s presentation given the state of the market.

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