How To Evict a Squatter in Tulsa – Act Fast!

How To Evict a Squatter in Tulsa - Act Fast!

If you own land and property in Tulsa and someone is living there without paying, you have the right to ask them to leave the premises. Read on to learn how you can evict squatters in Tulsa as soon as possible.

What Is a Squatter?

A squatter is a person who breaks into a property or a house and decides to make it their living space. A squatter is not always the person that you see in movies looking disgruntled or dirty. In some cases, they are your former tenants who are unable or unwilling to pay rent yet decided to not leave your house.

This is the case even if their rental period has long expired. As a result, you lose potential income because you can’t have the property rented out to someone who can pay the bills. This doesn’t only cause income loss but also headaches on your end.

Common Damage Caused by Squatters

Some cities like Tulsa enforce the squatters’ rights. These laws will take effect after some time that you were not able to get them out of your house. When these laws take effect, it will be even more difficult to evict squatters in Tulsa because laws are mostly on their side already. In effect, this can cost you more money, time, and headaches.

Aside from this damage to your income, squatters can cause direct damage to your property. This includes your furniture and utilities. The bills can pile up, and because they’re not paying for anything, you will be liable to pay for everything.

How to Evict a Squatter

You need to act quickly to get rid of them ASAP. Here are some things you can do:

  • Give them an eviction notice.
  • If they still refuse to leave, call the police.
  • If the squatters are still unwilling to leave, you may file a complaint.
  • In case they are still adamant about staying even if you win the case, have the authorities physically remove them from your property.
  • Pack their belongings and remove them if possible.

Let Us Know if You Need Help

Each state and county may have variations in laws when dealing with squatters. In this case, you need to do your homework and research the specifics of the laws in Tulsa. This is important to ensure that there will be no legal problems on your end should you decide to file a complaint against the squatters who are living on your property.

If the process to evict squatters in Tulsa still feels too bothersome for you, call us at (918) 727-7156, and we’ll do our best to help you sell this particular home fast in exchange for cash. This way, you will no longer have to deal with the squatters. At the same time, you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to legal matters.

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