The Blue Firefly Properties team is made up of brilliant people whose goal is to help homeowners in need around the Tulsa, OK area. Learn more about us.

Ryan Zwerneman

Owner/Founder/Managing Member

Hi, my name is Ryan Zwerneman. I am the owner, founder, and managing member of Blue Firefly Properties. My responsibilities include running the day-to-day operations and working with our financial partners to help determine which houses we purchase and what our end result will be with those houses we purchase. Every day is a new day filled with new challenges and new people to help. I never get bored!
I truly love our team! Our people are like a small family and while we’re helping people we get to have a lot of fun at the same time. Throughout our entire process, we help people. The people selling the property, the people who need a job to work on houses as contractors, and buyers with a family who need a nice new house to buy or rent. The best part of any day is taking care of people in Tulsa and surrounding communities.
When I’m not at work, you’ll find me spending quality time with family and friends. This is what’s important in life. I also enjoy snowboarding, surfing, playing any team sports, reading, traveling, and cooking.
Ryan Zwerneman - Owner/Founder/Managing Member
Dan Cooke - Lead Manager

Dan Cooke

Lead Manager

Hi, my name is Dan Cooke and I a Lead Manager at Blue Firefly Properties. My job is to reach out to potential new clients to see how we can help with their individual needs and unique situations. I love the challenges that come along with this line of work. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and help homeowners in the Tulsa area.
Blue Firefly Properties allows people who may have no one else willing, or able, to help them out of a stressful, or even sometimes seemingly hopeless situation. We genuinely try to help as many people as we can!
When I’m not on the job, you’ll find me buried in a book. I love to read, watch nerdy sci-fi and fantasy movies, and spend time with family.

Nichole Lutz

Transaction Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Nichole Lutz and I am a Transaction Coordinator at Blue Firefly Properties. I am responsible for performing administrative duties required during each stage of a transaction from contract to closing, as well as other background assistance. My favorite part about working at Blue Firefly Properties, is the company’s culture, more specifically the people I get to work with!
I think Blue Firefly Properties serves our community in the best way possible. We help people through difficult or stressful times in their lives; such as a family who has been given a property by their deceased parents, when this family has too much to handle. We help our community by repurposing, what was once an ugly home, into something beautiful. We help our community by creating more jobs for each project we have. All in all, I think we are in the right place to help people.
In my personal life, my two year old son is the most important thing. My hobbies include, but are not limited to: cooking, baking, gardening, photography, and other creative activities.
Nichole Lutz - Transaction Coordinator
DeAnna Shelton - Lead Manager

DeAnna Shelton

Lead Manager

Hi there Tulsa! My name is DeAnna Shelton and I’m a lead manager at Blue Firefly Properties. I help people meet their life goals by assisting them to sell their homes safely, securely, and on a timeline that best meets their needs.
My favorite part of working at Blue Firefly Properties is that I get to meet people from all walks of life that are ready for the next chapter of their lives. I also really value the passion, knowledge, and experience that my coworkers have. They continually help me grow professionally and personally. Blue Firefly Properties has a strong commitment to the local community as we live and work here. We truly love the Tulsa Metro area. We offer a way for people to sell their property, with peace of mind and the security that they will be treated professionally, respectfully, and ethically.
My favorite things in life are my family, my friends, and my dogs! I often rescue and rehome (or keep) cats and dogs that need loving kind homes. I also love to grow flowers and enjoy spending time in nature by hiking, swimming, and star gazing.

Eli Zimmerman

Administrative Assistant

Hi there! My name is Eli Zimmerman and I am an Administrative Assistant at Blue Firefly Properties. My duties here include providing support to our Acquisitions Rep, Sales Rep, and the rest of the team. I also assist in daily office needs and other administrative activities. Being part of this team and being surrounded by individuals with such a kind and helpful attitude means the world to me.
I love what we do because Blue Firefly Properties provides a range of services to Tulsa homeowners relating to the provision of property and helping our customer sell their houses easily.
Health and family are very important to me. Without good health, our lives can be cut short. So it’s really important not to take good health for granted. No matter what we went through with our family, they will always be there to guide and support us. They will also help us learn to grow as a better person.
Eli Zimmerman - Administrative Assistant