How to Sell Your Tulsa House Fast Without an Agent

Sell your Tulsa house fast without agents, fees, repairs, or cleaning in as little as 30 days, start to finish. Our 4 Step Guide will show you how.

Cash for Your Tulsa House - How Does Our 4-Step Process Work?
We’ve all seen those signs on the side of our road that read we buy houses for cash, but what does that even mean? Well it means just that. Blue Firefly Properties will buy your house fast and we’ll pay all cash. Sell your Tulsa area home in just a few days. All it takes is four easy steps and we’ll show you how.

Step 1

Call or complete our online form to request an offer on your Tulsa house

Start the process in the comfort of your own home using your phone, tablet, or computer. Just call the Blue Firefly Properties team at (918) 727-7156 or submit your request online using our simple form. Have the following information ready to go:

Step 2

The team at Blue Firefly Properties will review your request in detail

You may not want to work with every Tulsa area home buyer just like we may not buy every house in Tulsa. Our team will review your request in detail to make sure our goals align with yours. We may request time to complete a quick walkthrough of your property, phone conversation or virtual discussion.
If our goals align, awesome! If they don’t, we’re still here to share our advice and expertise with you. Either way, we’re here to help Tulsa homeowners. We’re problem solvers and customers are our priority.

Step 3

Our team will present you with a fair, written offer for your house

Most of the companies looking to buy houses in the Tulsa area will give you the lowest possible offer. But that’s not how we operate, and honestly, we think it’s pretty unethical. We put a lot of time and effort into this process to make sure we can help you. We do this for free and you have no obligation to accept our offer.
Our offers are created using the After Repair Value (ARV) of your house. That means we handle all the repairs and cleaning so you have nothing to worry about. Your offer will be based on the value of your house once it’s in tip-top shape.

Step 4

We'll close at a local and reputable title company in the Greater Tulsa area

That’s all there is to it! In as little as 30 days, from start to finish, you’ll sell your Tulsa area home! If you want to set a date past the 30 days, we’ll work with you on the best time for you.
We’ll have you scheduled at a local and reputable title company to sign some papers and finalize the deal. If you can’t get there in person, we can get the paperwork to you through a mobile notary as well!
The title company is an essential participant and we want you to be totally comfortable with the process. They’ll act as an agent for both you and Blue Firefly Properties. They are licensed legal entities that provide many of the essential services required when a house changes ownership.