Sell Your Tulsa Area House Fast From Out-of-State

We Can Help You Sell Your Tulsa Area House Fast

How Do You Sell Your Tulsa House From Out-of-State?

You have three options when selling your house from out-of-state: (1) sell the house on your own, (2) work with a Tulsa area realtor, or (3) sell your house fast to Blue Firefly Properties. Depending on your situation and timeline, each one of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Blue Firefly Properties is here to help you sell your Tulsa house from out-of-state. We make the process of selling your Oklahoma house quick, easy, and stress-free.

Things to consider before selling your house

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Fees & Commissions
  • Closing Costs
  • Negotiations
  • Financing Contingencies
  • Average Time to Sale
  • Number of Showings
  • Average Time to Close
  • Repairs & Cleaning
  • Legal Obligations

Sell On Your Own

  • Pay to manage your own marketing
  • No fees or commissions
  • Applicable title and seller closing costs
  • You handle all negotiations
  • Most sales are subject to appraisals
  • You wait an average of 90 days
  • 1-50+ Public Showings
  • Average 30-60 Days to Close
  • Negotiated During Inspections
  • You Are Responsible
Blue Firefly Properties Logo - We Buy Houses in Tulsa, OK
  • We Have an Investor Network
  • No fees or commissions
  • No closing costs
  • All cash. No contingencies.
  • No appraisal needed
  • No waiting. Average 1-14 Days.
  • No public showings or open houses
  • Your Choice!
  • We pay for all repairs and fixes
  • We handle everything

List with a Tulsa Realtor

  • Access to Multi-Listing Service (MLS)
  • You Pay an Average 6%
  • You Pay an Average 2%
  • Up to 15% of Sales Fall Through
  • Most sales are subject to appraisals
  • You wait an average of 90 days
  • 1-50+ Public Showings
  • Average 30-60 Days to Close
  • Negotiated During Inspections
  • Realtor is Responsible

Who Typically Sells Tulsa Houses From Out-of-State?

There are many reasons why you may own an Oklahoma house from out-of-state. There’s also a lot of reasons why you might want to sell it. We’ve found that these are the most common reasons for owning and selling an out-of-state house:

You relocated out of Oklahoma for work

You inherited a Tulsa house from the passing of a relative

You are made the executor of a Tulsa area estate

You are moving away from Oklahoma after marriage

You no longer want your Tulsa rental or vacation property

You are selling your Tulsa house after a divorce

Why Sell Your Out-of-State House to Blue Firefly Properties?

Sell Your House Step 1 - Request a Cash Offer

Start by requesting a cash offer on your house. Call or complete our online form. Tell us a little bit about you and your property.

Sell Your House Step 2 - We'll Review Your Request

Our team will review your request to make sure the house aligns with our criteria to buy.

Sell Your House Step 3 - Get Your Cash Offer!

We’ll present you with a fair, written, and no obligation cash offer to buy your house.

Sell Your House Step 4 - Cash In Your Hand

We'll close at a local reputable title company. Sell your house and get cash in your hands in just four easy steps.

Get started today! Request a cash offer on your house.

No waiting. No Fees. No realtor comissions. No repairs or cleaning.

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