Struggling to Find a Trustworthy Agent in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Struggling to Find a Trustworthy Agent in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Are you struggling to find a real estate agent in Tulsa that you feel like you can trust to sell your home?

We get it…

Some — not all, but some — real estate agents seem to just be in it for themselves and don’t really care about helping you get top-dollar on your home.

They take about 6% commission and they might not mention closing costs or other fees before it’s too late.

So here are some questions that we encourage you to ask when you’re trying to find a trustworthy real estate agent…

Can I Speak With Someone Who You’ve Worked With Recently? — This will tell you a lot about the real estate agent. By speaking with someone else who worked with the agent, you can more easily determine whether the agent will be a fit for you.

How Much Commission Do You Charge? — You don’t want to be surprised by how much money the real estate agent takes on the sale of your home, so ask this question upfront.

How Long Have You Been An Agent? — The longer that an agent has been in the real estate business, the better. That means they probably understand different types of markets, buyers, sellers, and negotiations.

Asking those three questions will tell you a lot about any agent.

But if you’re still struggling to find a trustworthy agent… or you just want to skip the traditional home selling process altogether… then give us a call — we can buy your home for cash, as-is, within just two weeks — (918) 727-7156

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